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seeking the truth

Truth seeker became my "word" at our ladies retreat a few years ago. Uh-oh...but i don't want to face my falsehoods:( *Ephesians 4;22-32* God has...

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My Relentless Year

2017.....another move to assisted independent living for my parents....which was followed by my Moms passing. But before that came the unending...

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I Need you CoQ10!

Yawning all afternoon......trying to figure out what happened to my energy level! Heart disease is common in my family tree and 20 years ago a...

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As I was getting ready to finally start my weekly posts on super healthy ingredients, I got distracted!! surprise.....(Finding Nemo comes to...

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My 12 Days of Grieving

I recently made a connection between heartbreak and migraines. Decades ago when I went through a divorce, the stress and then the lack of taking...

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Coconut Oil To My Rescue

Ok, it is actually Lauric Acid ,mostly, that has been a benefit to me..... My daughter introduced me to coconut oil pulling when I was having a...

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