About Allison

About Allison

A funny thing happened when I entered my 50s

People who did not know me seemed quite surprised when I mentioned my grandkids.

I have never acted my age, and probably never will and apparently don’t look it either.

Then my stepdaughter/friend nicknamed me “forever 42” and it stuck!

However, it is not the number of years that is important. It is the ageless soul that intrigues me, and I hope that others can come to terms with that inner strength that continues on in spite of the passing years.

Blessings my fellow “youngsters”

May the inspiring force of life be always with you!

With love, Allison 

My Healthy Aging Products


FuXion® is a multinational company  dedicated to the production of nutraceutical foods. 

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Products have totally simplified my daily beauty routine and melted my healthy skin concerns away….

Healthy Traditions

Tropical Traditions was founded in 2002 by Brian Shilhavy. The business name was changed to Healthy Traditions in 2017.

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