Relentless Year

2017…..another move to assisted independent living for my parents….which was followed by my Moms passing. But before that came the unending winter and constant snow shoveling and arctic temps. Some of the biggest ice cycles I have ever seen.

Yes, I chuckle now , while in the midst of Covid and all the things surrounding 2020, etc.

But 2017 really was the beginning of relentless times…

I wish politics weren’t so “political” and emotionally unintelligent.  I now wish that we had all that relentless snow we had in 2017, as a local reservoir has gone completely dry.  And  I wish that all those caterpillars we had to deal with while on vacation that year, were an option to experience now , as we avoid traveling due to Covid.

As I watch my Father contemplate his relentless desire to be still productive in his 90s,  I am thankful that He is still here and remaining active and independent.  I will forever be relentless in my search for how to remain relevant and how to help lead the next generation to handling ALL the things that will be part of this Life!