Yawning all afternoon……trying to figure out what happened to my energy level!

Heart disease is common in my family tree and 20 years ago a wonderful naturopathic  Doctor recommended i start taking CoQ10.

i dutifully started my regimen and have continued with it all these years, not really knowing why.  Here is what I need to know, according to

Life Extension Magazine (Collectors Edition 2017):

”  *CoQ10 has a long history of use in boosting cellular energy levels and making mitochondria more efficient at releasing energy from

chemical bonds in molecules from food.

*Selenium is an essential cofactor for many of the enzymes in our natural cellular free radical scavenging systems.

*Studies now show that CoQ10 and selenium have effects that help protect against tissue-damaging oxidative stress.

*A series of human studies from Europe shows that the combination of CoQ10 and selenium supplements reduce

heart disease risk and improve quality of life. ”

…So that is the simple  way of saying my heart needs CoQ10 for energy to function properly.  Now I know  why I am so tired today,

as I have forgotten to take my dose for a few days.  And now I also know that selenium added to the mix would be great!!

Presently I take a CoQ10 pill in the morning and drink a “Beauty” functional beverage with CoQ10 and Collagen from FuXion at night .

Good plan and I am stickin” to it!