I recently made a connection between heartbreak and migraines.
Decades ago when I went through a divorce, the stress and then the lack of taking care of myself, got me started on a string of migraine headaches.
Thinking it was just caused by hormones, I expected them to continue.
Happiness did return and my migraines vanished.

One month ago, my Mother passed away and her soul was taken , to be with Jesus, I believe.
My newly broken heart has struggled to find peace….. I miss her so!
Thus , the return of the migraine…😔…this one is not as severe as past ones,due mainly, I believe, to proper care through nutrition, such as CoQ10 and magnesium, etc.
My FuXion lifestyle is helping, but mostly prayer, and knowing my Mother is at peace and no longer suffering….
Psalm 73:26. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is my strength of my heart forever.