Ok, it is actually Lauric Acid ,mostly, that has been a benefit to me…..

My daughter introduced me to coconut oil pulling when I was having a toothache, and I just recently have dealt with an abcess tooth

which returned me to the coconut oil pulling regime, as it is said to pull toxins out of your system.  Its not fun, but heck, if it works, right?

I was hesitant to dive into coconut oil  use initially because of all the bad press it got decades ago, due to its extreme refinement , which made it void of

all of its natural nutrient content..  When it was revealed that there was coconut oil out there that was unrefined and produced in small

farms in the Phillipines, i loved that  it opened up new avenues of healthy benefits, such as the immune boosting properties in the above mentioned

Lauric Acid, along with the other “medium chain fatty acids”, that have benefits as well.

…and i LOVE to cook with coconut oil….my morning eggs taste amazing fried up in it!

My morning coffee also goes down very smoothly with a spoonful of CO, along with moisturizing my lips at the same time!

Coconut oil can withstand higher cooking temp, so dont be shy in the kitchen with this oil!!  Yes , i BUY IT BY THE GALLON!  i was

surprised how quickly i can go thru a large quantity,  due to its multi use , like on my skin and in my hair. I continue to research all the different

uses, but Healthy Traditions has an amazing book about this staple in my pantry.  Please check out my link on my product page and discover for yourself

your new possibly favorite website.  It also has amazing recipes!   Enjoy!!