I was sitting here at 60, having learned how to cut and paste for the first time, watching a you tube video at midnight,
frustrated because I….
forgot to “save” my latest addition to my very first blog.
Back to square one……learning at 60 is HARD!!!

I have never had more clarity as to what my next project is at this time in my life.
But at the same time have never had more overwhelm at the process!

So what exactly have I learned so far….
*I am stubborn and am going to learn how to build a website ( with help from an IT pro,etc. of course!)
*Uh Oh…I just learned something new and tomorrow its going to be obsolete,…But, I learned it 🙂
*I never intended to be a “blogger”, but being a quiet soul, it makes sense to get my words out through text.
As Dr. Larry Day would say…”it’s okay, it’s by Gods Design”.
*and…. I am so excited to see what I will learn tomorrow……