November is Diabetes Awareness Month…..

I personally became QUIITE Aware of this disease when my daughter was 17 months old.

We spent a week in the hospital getting educated on a disease that I had never heard of before.

It came to this Mother as this….a middle of the night proclamation by  emergency room Dr. Nancy Brown,  that my

baby girl was now a type 1 Juvenile Diabetic.

Thank God for Insulin….., and the painful injections, and having to eat at specific times, and family and

friends a little nervous about the responsibilities, big brothers and sister who had questions, and all other aspects of

our new life,  all put in place to keep her in our lives for a very long time:)  Amber is now a 31 year old Mom herself,

and through all the ups and downs of acceptance, is very aware and proactive with her daily health.

….so as this month of awareness moves forward,  I am pleased to hear about the Diabetes World Summit,

and all of the incredible info and help it brings to our awareness… check it out…

Diabetes Awareness

I have such gratitude for the access to those professionals who have researched and published

such incredible data for our healthy living…..

Blessings,  Allison